Herbal Infused Personal Care

Meeting Shanetta

Shanetta is on a mission to naturally nourish skin and hair. With a background in biochemistry and a passion for toxin-free hair and body products, she combined her skills and knowledge into the creation of Aari & Co., an herbal infused hair and body care line designed to nourish and rejuvenate the body from crown to toe. Shanetta’s love for individuals, animals, and the environment is intricately woven into Aari & Co. core values.

 Aari & Co. is the result of Shanetta’s plant-based diet journey that began several years ago. Shocked by the numerous toxic chemicals unknowingly she was placing on her body, she decided to create an herbal toxin-free plant-based product line that would pamper her 4b natural hair and skin. Shanetta created herbal infused, shampoo bars, nourishing conditioners, and moisturizing body soaps in her kitchen and testing formulations on friends and family.

Aari & Co products are highly effective, environmentally safe, and ethically made. Aari & Co. only sources ETHICALLY TRADED INGREDIENTS that the earth has to offer.